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September 5, 2012 / janinezargar

Janine Zargar on Improving Primary Care in New York State

Janine Zargar serves as Vice President for Doctors United, a medical group based in White Plains, New York. Zargar oversees and markets the bilingual out-patient care center’s services.

New York faces a primary care crisis, but Governor Andrew Cuomo believes that he has a solution that will save money and provide New York residents with better health care. Currently, New York suffers from a shortage of primary care doctors. Many state residents have difficulty getting an appointment with any doctor at all, much less one that speaks their native language. The Affordable Care Act may improve access to health care, but it depends heavily on having enough primary care physicians available. When people cannot find a primary care physician, they are more likely to use the emergency room and to end up requiring a hospital stay for preventable complications.

Cuomo and his team hope to redesign New York’s health care system with a $2 billion federal grant. The grant will improve primary care facilities and help practices transition to electronic medical records in order to facilitate patient care. In addition, the grant will encourage the sort of team-based care already practiced at Doctors United.


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